Holiday Toys That Can Help Your Kids Learn While Playing

The holiday season is filled with anticipation and excitement for everyone. For parents, it’s the perfect time to introduce new toys and activities to keep the kids engaged and entertained. The question is, what toys can help your child learn while they play? While there are no magic answers when it comes to learning, there are a few great holiday toys that can help your kids learn. Here are a few best educational toys for 2 year olds for the holiday season. You can buy them from GIGI Bloks!


ColorWords is an app for the iPhone that helps kids learn colors, letters, and other basic words. The app features games, puzzles, and more to help kids learn while playing.


If you have a shuffleboard table, it’s the perfect holiday toy for kids. They can practice their hand-eye coordination and learn how to play a game they may not have played before. You can also teach them how to score a point, which is a great skill to learn in any game. Plus, since it’s a family activity, you won’t be alone while your children are playing!


Puzzles are a fun and educational activity that engages kids of all ages. They allow kids to play while they learn, and they are a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. Puzzles can help kids develop problem-solving skills, spatial reasoning, visual perception and even language development. It’s important to find a puzzle that is age appropriate for your child. If you have younger children, make sure the puzzle is not too complicated or has lots of pieces. And if you have older children or adults in your family, make sure the level of difficulty on the puzzle is appropriate for them. You can also purchase puzzles with holiday themes for those who love playing around this time of year. ***  Outsourcing SEO: One Strategy Many Small Businesses Can Benefit From

Light up toys

One of the most popular types of toys for kids is light up toys. Light up toys are great for younger kids. They can be creatively used to teach children about colors and shapes, or to have fun and learn about music. The best part about these types of toys is that they’re fun and engaging for children, which makes it easy to get your child excited.


Learning with toys that are fun to play with is a great way to keep your kids engaged and excited about learning. If you’re looking for toys that will keep your kids learning and having fun, these five toys will get the job done.

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